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Welcome Our Advanced Certified Nurse Samantha

Samantha has years of nursing experience with time in critical care as well as emergency medicine. Along with being a Registered Nurse, Samantha holds advanced certificates in Infusion Care and Aesthetics. She has focused her experience and studies on utilizing natural remedies to help heal. enhance and restore the human body. She brings knowledge of anti-aging remedies, injection therapies, endurance enhancement, detoxification, and promotion of overall wellness.

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Microneedling Facials & Injections

Made popular by the Kardashians & other celebrities, this facial with PRP is perfect for anti­ aging! Microneedling helps to lift & plump the skin, aids in reducing wrinkles, reducing hyperpigmentation, and significantly reduces acne scarring. Safe and effective for ALL skin types.

Acne Scarring correction with PRF Microneedling FEMALE
Hyperpig Correction with Microneedling and PRF MALE
Wrinkle Reduction Microneedling and PRF
Microneedling and Skin Restoration 1
Hyperpig correction with Microneedling and PRF Female
Acne Scarring correction with PRF Microneedling MALE

Health & Beauty Infusions

Utilizing IV therapy is the natural way to boost energy, improve endurance, help organ health, increase hydration, promote internal balance, and give the body overall wellness. These infusions can help with everything from the common cold and jet lag to creating beautiful skin with anti­ aging properties. Our IV therapies will be the next "must have" in your routine!

Hair Restoration

Thinning hair? Platelet Rich Therapies are considered by many to be the best natural standard for hair restoration! Thicken and boost hair growth without costly and painful surgery. Unlike many other options, Platelet Rich Therapies aid the body to regrow and thicken hair in BOTH men and women.

Hair Restoration pics 2 Female
hair restoration
microneedling with platelets


Be Well 

Helps to create overall wellness with essential vitamins & minerals


Help your body reverse time from the inside out. This mix not only helps revitalize your body inside but has lasting outward effects as well. Combo this with our microneedling for younger skin naturally.


Stimulates, Improves, and Aids the immune system to fight off any illness. Essential for anyone that experiences exposure to illness on a regular basis.


A proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals to enhance skin, hair, and nails Relief - kick any hangover or post-travel pain with this quick cocktail

Energy Boost

Promotion of cell production, naturally give your body a full energy boost without caffeine or chemicals


Help your Liver, Kidneys, and tissue rid your body of harmful radicals from everyday life

Stress Reducer

Breath and relax with essential elements to help relax your entire body for rest and recovery.

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